Valuation services

The firm undertakes valuations covering the following assets,
amongst others:

i. Land and buildings
ii. Plant and machinery
iii. Motor vehicles
iv. Household and office furniture, fittings and equipment
v. Intangible assets i.e. goodwill Why valuations?

i. External Financing – Mortgages
We provide professional services by assisting in determining the value of a borrower’s collateral to enable him take advantage of the full value of the asset.
ii. Insurance
Before the sealing of an insurance contract, a figure has to be forwarded as the insurance sum, which forms the basis of calculation of the premium to be paid and the limit of claims. We undertake the determination of that figure.
iii. Balance Sheet/Annual Accounts
Oftentimes, most organisations do not know the exact worth of their assets. What is relied upon is the “historic” cost of acquisition of the assets depreciated along the line over the years. A professional
valuation of the companies/organizations assets will put the Board and management in the right perspective, allowing them take note of their appreciated assets. Consequently, steps can be taken to dispose off or deal more efficiently with those assets that are wasting or under utilizing their sites.
iv. Mergers, Acquisitions and Preparation of Companies Prospectus
In the area of mergers and acquisitions, the services of professional valuers are needed. This is where our firm comes in. Here, we facilitate a hitch-free transaction by assisting the companies approach the negotiating table with a concise inventory and valuation of their assets.
v. Property Ratings
As a firm of estate surveyors and valuers, we assist States and Local Governments prepare a comprehensive property-rating (valuation list) list comprising all their rateable properties. We also assist companies and private individuals who have problems with the rating authorities as regards the rateable value of their assets and rates payable.
vi. Compulsory Acquisitions and Compensation
We also undertake valuations for compensation in the event of compulsory acquisition by the Government or injurious damage to landed assets.

The Firm is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria: The firm has Estate Surveyors & Valuers, whom are duly licensed to practice by the Estate Surveyors & Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria… Learn more

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